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Orangepixel Celebrates its 15th Birthday with Free Games on Android

Orangepixel is celebrating its 15th birthday in style. Not only has it listed three games for free, but they have also brought back four old games onto the Play Store.

Free Games

The free games listed below are all premium titles, but now with advertisements. This means you can enjoy a premium game without spending any money.

If you can’t stand adverts, then you should buy the premium version before you start to play. None of these free games have in-app-purchases, so you can’t unlock the full game playing the free version.

Sir Questionnaire

Sir Questionnaire is a turn-based hack and slash roguelike, where you clear out dungeons full of loot, creatures, and mystery. You have two options whenever you clear a room, choosing wisely will help you clear the dungeon and get better stuff.


Meganoid is another roguelike, but this time it’s a challenging platformer. They generate new levels every time you play, so replayability is not a problem. There are tons of collectibles and upgrades and a load of secrets that have unique items that give special bonuses.

Heroes of Loot 2

Heroes of Loot 2 is an RPG with roguelike elements. You pick two characters at the start of your run, and you have control over both. Use each character’s abilities to clear rooms full of enemies and solve head-scratching puzzles.

Games Back on the Play Store

If you are interested in the games that have been brought back on the play store, then check out the links below. All the games listed below also have a free version, so feel free to check those out.

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