Orconoid is a new breakout style game for Android but with a slight twist

If you’re looking for a breakout style game with a twist, maybe you should check out Orconoid. Orconoid at it’s core is a throwback to the breakout style games of the 80’s. It even has that retro look to it with 8bit graphics. Instead of bricks to break, you have to defeat waves of enemy orcs.

The game plays in portrait mode on your phone, so you can play it with one hand if you wanted to. There are 20-30 second ads which you cannot skip, between each level. There is a pay option to remove the ads if you should choose so.

The gameplay is simple, there are two little men on the bottom of the screen who are protected by a “shield”, and that is what bounces your ball or orb as they call it, up. Your goal is to knock out the orcs before they come down to close to you, space invaders style. The orcs are not just standing there either, they throw spears which you can block with your shield. They do not do damage to you or your shield.

Orconoid Features:

– Guide to our adventurers in more than 40 levels full of enemies through various worlds to kill the evil orcs.
– Over 10 different types of objects and enemies. Each and every one of them will advance from time to time, trying to get as difficult as possible to defend our wizards.
– Final bosses, one per each world, completely different.
– Totally replayable levels with countless possibilities to finish each level.
– Secondary goals in each level to complete the game 100%.

There are, however, 9 wizards beneath you that will die if hit by the spears. The more wizards that die, the faster the orb travels. There is no penalty if all wizards die. You could play this one of two ways, try to save the wizards and have the orb go slow or just let the wizards die if you want faster gameplay. Each new level brings in something new to the game, which I won’t spoil just in case you decide to try it out.

¬†All in all, Orconoid puts in some cool little twists that bring new life into the breakout style games. You can give it a try since it’s free off of Google Play.

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