ORT Software brings their PC word game CrossCraze to Android

A rather popular word game for the PC called CrossCraze by ORT Software has now arrived onto the Google Play store. A lot of people have probably already played this game on their PC but with this new version for Android there are a lot of new features that have been added to the game as well as having the visuals redone for a more modern look.

So what is CrossCraze? It is basically like Scrabble but in a more beefed up version. Players can compete with other people using pass-and-play with a single device or go up against the computer AI. The game play out a lot like Scrabble does with players having to spell out words using the letters that they have and intersecting them with words already available on the board.

CrossCraze Features:

– Super-slick animations and controls.
– 20 board layouts, from 15×15 squares up to 21×21.
– 4 different board styles.
– 2 game modes: ‘Classic’ and ‘Tile Stacking’.
– 4 skill levels of Artificial Intelligence.
– 8 languages with over 1.7 million words.
– All words are sorted by difficulty.
– Add or disallow words as you like.
– Instant score display.
– ‘Hint’ option for when you’re stuck.
– Optimized for both phones and tablets.
– Displays in either portrait or landscape mode.

For those of you who like word games or happen to be a fan of the PC version of CrossCraze, you can now download this game off of Google Play. There is a free ad-supported version available or you can buy the ad-free version for $2.99

Google Play Link: CrossCraze

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