[Updated] Oscura 2: Second Shadow confirmed to be arriving onto Android soon

Oscura is a platforming game available on mobile devices (both iOS and Android) for back in 2011. While reaching a modest 50,000+ downloads, it was nominated for a Webby award. The gameplay was fairly simple, controlling things like which direction to run, jumping, or slowing down time. The look was the popular dark silhouette foreground with bright primary and secondary colors in the background. I that it was a fun game to play that wasn’t all that complicated, not was it all that lengthy at twelve stages.

Update: August 26th, 2014 6:50am PST: We just got word from the developers that Oscura 2: Second Shadow will be released tomorrow onto Android. We will post another update when it’s out on Google Play.

In light of all of this, it has recently been announced that a sequel is on its way, stylized as Oscura 2: Second Shadow. Currently, it’s only available on iOS, but I did get in touch with Surprise Attack games and I was able to confirm that there is an Android release in the works. I was also told that they “have more to reveal about it in the coming weeks 😀 “.

In looking at the trailer of the new game on YouTube, it bears quite a strong resemblance to the original, both in appearance as well as gameplay. The same visual affects, the side scrolling and platforming style, and storyline all appear to be in place for the sequel. While I did thoroughly enjoy the first release of the game, I am hopeful that a new wrinkle or two is added to this edition of the franchise. Whether it delves much deeper into the story, or gives the eponymous Oscura more tools with which to reacquire the shards of light (that go beyond double-jumping and slowing down time), I think some expansion of the gameplay is in order here.

Official Website: Oscura Game

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