OTTTD: Over The Top TD is Now on Sale

SMG Studio has put OTTD: Over The Top TD on sale for the low price of $1.49. What makes this sale particularly interesting is that the original price of OTTTD was $6.99, meaning you save over five bucks if you buy now!

OTTTD is a gory tower defence game

OTTTD: Over The Top TD is a gory tower defence game where you take on hordes of bizarre enemies. These enemies include eyeballs, giant mechanical sharks and even an octopus riding a motorbike.

Gameplay is best described as a tactical blend of RTS and tower defence. Discover exotic worlds, upgrade your units and enjoy attacking the enemy as well as building a strong defence.

If the description above didn’t completely sell you, then you should check your pulse. You can grab a copy from the Google Play store today for $1.49.

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