Strategic RPG Outerplane’s Release Date is Finally Here

feature image for our outerplane release news, the image features official promo art of a character from the game as she holds her hand up to her face and blushes, there is also a screenshot of battle animations during combat

The Outerplane release date is here! However, it’s only available in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore for now. The global release is all set for May, so we’re keeping an eye on all of the latest updates for the game. For more information on the game itself, visit the official website.

If you’re enjoying Outerplane, or you plan to play it when it launches globally in May, take a look at our Outerplane tier list and our Outerplane codes.

The Limited Launch

It’s common for gacha games to release in select countries at first. Global releases are usually a few months later, or in the worst-case scenario, a year later. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about that with the global Outerplane release, unless delays suddenly occur.

Outerplane is a turn-based fantasy RPG that firmly stands in the isekai genre. The main protagonist suddenly finds themselves in a fantasy world and must embark on a brand-new adventure. 

The First Event!

The game currently has a special event to celebrate the launch where you can chat with the character Eva. By taking part in the EVA-CHAT launch event, you can earn an exclusive community badge! While a badge may not seem like much, you can show it off to new players in the coming months. The game’s official Facebook page has some useful information about the latest event too.

The first character banner to appear in the game is Laplace. The event runs between April 18 and May 2, so make sure to pull on the banner before it ends. The first banner of a brand-new gacha game is always a bit hectic, with many players wanting to obtain an abundance of new characters no matter who they are. 

Furthermore, we recommend creating a STOVE account to log in to Outerplane, as a guest account is pretty pointless if you plan to play the game long-term. 

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