Big Changes On The Way In Upcoming Outerplane Update

Feature image for our Outerplane update news piece. It shows a character in a white mask and long coat, blasting electrical energy from both hands.

A new Outerplane update stands poised to drop on June 7th. The turn-based strategy RPG launched in May, and there’s a lot planned as new content rolls in.

With updates come new characters, and this one is no exception. Eternal is a fire-aligned mage with a talent for applying debuffs to enemies.

Introducing Guild Raids

This release comes with the new Guild Raid mode gives you the chance to team up with the rest of your guild to take on massive bosses. Then, you can measure your score up against other guilds.

You’ll take on mini-bosses to earn ‘Geasa’, and save them up to eventually have access to the raid boss.

These kick off with water-element boss Devout Follower of Scientific Inheritance Maxwell. You have two weeks to go after him. Best of luck.

For single-player content, there’s a new event dungeon ‘The Reaper and the Gangster’, which comes with some backstory on the new hero, Eternal.

There’s More Changes Under The Hood

The new face and new fights aren’t all, though. There are a lot of major changes to the balances that should make a sizable difference in how the game plays.

These have sprung up as a result of player feedback, so it might address some lingering concerns you’re having about the game if you’re a regular player.

First of all, Mileage racked up will continue to accumulate across different drops. There’s an increased chance of hero recruitment, making acquiring new characters easier and faster.

There’ll be regular events that increase the drop rate, and the value of 6-Star Transcendence will drop to make investing in heroes a bit more rewarding.

If the changes in the Outerplane update make you keen to pick the game up, you can check it out here on Google Play.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the game, check out our news piece on Outerplane.

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