OUYA already has a few Nintendo emulators lining up for it

OUYA is nearing its official launch date, at least for backers of the rather successful Kickstarter campaign it had, with units slated to ship out on March 28th, 2013 to those who backed the appropriate level to receive an early unit. It appears that plenty of emulators are being worked on for the Android-powered console, most of which are Nintendo-based emulators.

In a “OUYA Tidbits” post on the OUYA forums, Ed Krassenstein goes to mention some of the emulators that are being worked on by developers. In fact there is an emulator that is already done and has been submitted for approval which, if it does get approved, would have the emulator available for the March 28th launch for Kickstarter backers. This emulator is called EMUya and is an NES emulator.

There are also two other Nintendo emulators being worked on right now called SuperGNES SNES Emulator and Mupen64Plus N64 Emulator (which also had a successful Kickstarter not too long ago). Mupen64Plus is also confirmed for the console’s launch which means backers will be able to play both NES and N64 games on their console system when it arrives.

There are other emulators currently in the works for OUYA as well including an N-Gage emulator apparently. Considering the console runs Android, we will probably see a host of emulators arriving in the near future as well.

Website Referenced: OUYA Forum via TechCrunch

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