Overhit Adds Two New Characters in The Latest Update

Overhit is a turn-based JRPG stuffed to the brim with cut scenes, special attacks and over 120 characters to collect. NEXON’s Overhit has a new update which adds two new characters and a few other features.

Overhit’s latest update adds costumes, characters and more

As mentioned above, there are two new characters appearing in Overhit. The new characters include one support based character and one assault based.

  • Xanthippe – Previously affiliated with the dastardly Black Order, Xanthippe wields a mighty hammer ideal for mashing demons.
  • Renga – Dubbed ‘The Messenger of Love’ Renga uses her spiritual powers to provide support on the battlefield.

There is a new ‘Teze’ Event Dungeon where players can earn rewards such as Teze’s costume. This update also includes a new raid boss, The Sinister Sphinx. Lastly, there are new summer-themed costumes for Luna, Shoumei, Aglaea and more.

If you want to download a copy of Overhit, then grab one from Google Play.

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