Oversee the growth of a colony in Eden, now available from both Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore

Released by Channel 4 Television Corporation, Eden is a new community management game for both Android and FireOS. In this game, set on a small Scottish island, players will be tasked with overseeing the community that is living there. Everything the community’s members can do must be prioritized, and will range from tending the fire, to decorating the camp, to food prep that includes hunting, scavenging, and foraging.

Players will need to erect buildings as well, and will include storehouses, workshops, kitchens, and the like. Tools will need crafting, food rationing, and new members will need attracting, to help keep things running as smoothly as possible. You will also be using a point-and-click approach to manage how many people are assigned to whatever competing tasks are demanding attention at a given moment, in a format that leans towards real time strategy.

Eden Features:

– Build a shelter, then a storehouse, kitchen, workshop – and much more
– Decorate your camp – upgrade your buildings, add paths, statues, showers, and many more items
– Tend to the camp pigs, chickens and cows.
– Manage the community’s limited supplies of water, crops, meat, fish, wood, stone etc.
– Farm, scavenge, hunt, fish, decorate & cook to keep the fire burning brightly and the camp happy
– Craft new tools and items to improve efficiency and let the camp become more and more successful
– Help the camp survive the harsh Scottish weather through the seasons
– Attract new members of the community to help it grow

Eden is available for free from both Google Play as well as the Amazon Appstore, and optional IAPs are included with the game. Check out the trailer below and seen how it measures up to the show.

Amazon Appstore: Eden

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