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Spooky Adventure OXENFREE: II Lost Signals Hits Android

Feature image for our Oxenfree II: Lost Signals news piece. It shows two characters on a beach under a blue moon.

Today’s the day. OXENFREE II: Lost Signals comes out on Android today, on the same date as PC and consoles. Nice! There’s a bit of a catch mind you, the game is available for Android users who’re Netflix subscribers. Such is the nature of Netflix as a publisher.

So what’s it all about? OXENFREE II: LOST SIGNALS is an adventure game that centers around the strange goings on in the region of Edwards Island, the setting of the original OXENFREE.

You don’t need to play the first game to get a lot of enjoyment out of the second, as it picks up a new story. Veterans of the series will notice plenty of links between the games, though.

A New Town, But More Supernatural Problems

The game stars a new protagonist, Riley Poverly. Riley is a former resident of the coastal town of Camena, and returns to her childhood home to investigate some bizarre electromagnetic activity that plagues the small community.

Little does Riley realize, but her investigation will quickly spiral into a deadly supernatural struggle.

Like the previous game, interaction with other characters is a key part of the game. How Riley treats those around her will have an impact on how events play out. Everything that Riley says is up to you, so you can make her the kind of character you want her to be.

Tune In To Terror

You also use the series’ radio mechanic to tune into the mysterious frequencies of Camena. Who knows what you might find lurking in the radio waves?

Have we sold you on it?

Take a look at the Netflix app, or keep an eye on the Netflix Google Play profile for when OXENFREE II: Lost Signals drops, or check out the original if you want to get clued in on the story so far.

If you’re interested in some more recent releases, check out our feature on the best new Android games this week.

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