Pac-Man Geo is a Location-Based Augmented Reality Pac-Man Game, Out Now

Pac-Man Geo, Bandai Namco’s augmented reality take on the venerable Pac-Man franchise, is out now on the Google Play Store.

While the use of the term “augmented reality”, particularly in combination with the term “location-based”, naturally brings to mind Pokemon GO, Pac-Man Geo is actually very different from Niantic’s juggernaut.

Rather than looking at ghosts and power pellets through your smartphone’s camera app, you’re creating Pac-Man stages using real-world map data. Any location in the world – the Arc di Triomphe, Times Square, etc – can be converted into a neon maze patrolled by ghosts.

There’s a Tour mode, where you can play mazes from around the world, and a Map mode, where you create your own maps and share them with your peers. Apparently you can find “items themed on local landmarks”, too, and these become power-ups in the game.

So far the user reviews are mixed at best. To try Pac-Man Geo for yourself, download it for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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