Panic in Zombie Town has you fighting zombies and the military

In case you don’t have enough zombie killing in your life right now, there is a new game on the Google Play store release earlier this month called Panic in Zombie Town by Ryoshenron. If you play Flash games, you might recognize the name Ryoshenron as they have developed a decent amount of them.

Now, after taking up numerous tutorials about Android development, Ryoshenron now has their first Android game available and even though it is a zombie-themed game, it is actually a pretty unique one. Not only will you be taking on the undead in this game but you will also be taking on the military, all wrapped up in 8-bit retro gaming visuals.

Each stage is actually divided up into two phases with the first phase having you play as a girl with a knife, and only a knife, who runs around stabbing zombies in the face. Zombies will drop anti-aircraft ammo which you will then need for phase two. The military is trying to nuke the city you are in to rid it of zombies, so in phase two you will take control of an anti-aircraft gun and start shooting down aircraft before they are successful.

There are other types of enemies as well aside from zombies and you will have to set various traps up to help you defend the city which you are doing all by yourself. If you are interested in checking this game out, you can download Panic in Zombie Town off of the Google Play store for free.

Google Play Link: Panic in Zombie Town

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