PapayaMobile gives Android developers a way to reach the massive Android market in China

PapayaMobile is opening up a way for Android developers to reach the rather large market of Android devices in China. Dubbed the Gateway to China program, this will give developers the opportunity to sell their apps and games in China which is a huge potential market still left untapped by the Android Market.

It is no secret that Google and China have had their differences when it comes to certain things like Google’s search engine and other aspects of Google’s business. China has had it’s own share of problems with apparent hacking attempts at Google (Gmail) originating from China and censorship issues. Whether this has anything to do with the fact that access to paid apps and games is still not available on the Android Market is unclear. The fact is that even after the latest slew of countries to be added to paid apps and games access on the Android Market, China is still not there.

Android accounts for half of the smartphones in China and that is just a huge number of possible customers for Android developers. This new program by PapayaMobile brings some pretty big possibilities for not just Android developers but also for PapayaMobile as well considering that market is still relatively untapped. The program offers developers some pretty solid tools and free services to get their games out there:

  • Free localization services
  • Access to other marketing channels
  • The opportunity of pre-installs with Chinese OEMs
  • Access to billing solutions via the Papaya SDK


Already some companies have already jumped on board with their Gateway to China program including Connect2Media, Mindstorm Studios, Kiloo, and Bulkypix. Developers who are interested in joining the program can head over to PapayaMobile’s site to sign up, linked below.

Developer Website: PapayaMobile

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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