PapayaMobile offers multiple payment solutions for Android developers

Continuing on the topic of Freemium that I brought up yesterday, it seems as though PapayaMobile has finalized their new SDK which will offer Android developers multiple solutions for monetizing your game (or app) through the use of virtual currency. This is all thanks to PapayaMobile partnering with Zong, Billing Revolution and Adknowledge’s Super Rewards.

A breakdown of each partnership shows how PapayaMobile is trying to position themselves as one of the top mobile gaming companies regarding payment solution for in-game virtual currency.

The partnership with Zong brings to the table carrier billing in 40 countries and over 200 operators. While there could certainly be a lot more added to that list (and I’m sure there will be), it is definitely a good solid start regarding coverage. Billing Revolution takes that and enhances it with a one-click checkout system so there will be no need to go through multiple screens just to buy some virtual currency. This will get you back to your game as soon as possible.

Finally, Super Rewards by Adknowledge will allow developers to implement a system where users can earn virtual coins, goods or points by completing offers such as surveys or ad related special offers. If you don’t mind doing this sort of thing you may not actually have to spend a dime on virtual currency while still supporting the developer of the game you are playing.

“Papaya continues to open its social platform to game and application developers worldwide. We are committed to providing the most diversified channels for monetization and the tools to implement these channels,” said Si Shen, co-founder and CEO at PapayaMobile via

“Partnering with these key players in the mobile monetization space allows developers who integrate with the Papaya social network to have a comprehensive solution for all their monetizing needs.”

More options for gamers to choose from is always a good thing and this system does exactly that while making sure the developer is supported at the same time whether you buy virtual currency or by earning it through completing special offers. The SDK is free for Android developers to download and implement into their games and is a pretty straightforward process. PapayaMobile isn’t just about payment solutions either as they have released quite a few social gaming titles onto the Android Market so they know as well first hand the limitations for developers regarding in-game purchasing.

PapayaMobile isn’t the first to offer a way to monetize your game with virtual currency as other companies out there, such as Scoreloop now with Paypal integrated into it, offer similar services, however, PapayaMobile offers up an SDK with a more well rounded solution should you want one. Until Google either integrates Google Checkout or Paypal (according to the partnership rumors) to allow in-game purchasing, with or without virtual currency, developers are going to have to choose a service such as this to accomplish any sort of in-game profit goals unless they fully code/custom make their own.

Website Referenced: PapayaMobile Blog

Developer Website: PapayaMobile

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