Pascal’s Wager: Check out the Latest Trailer for the Forthcoming Tides of Oblivion DLC

Tipsworks has released a new Pascal’s Wager trailer ahead of the imminent launch of the game’s Tides of Oblivion DLC.

The trailer showcases the fighting chops of Jerold, the star of the watery Tides of Oblivion. Series devotees will be pleased to note that dodging and attacking are still very much in play as Jerold repeatedly lurches backwards, jumps to the side, and lunges at his enemies with heavy and light attacks. He also chucks a few daggers.

The Tides of Oblivion DLC will add a whole new briny area to Pascal’s Wager, with new enemies to boot. It’s the most expansive package of new content to come to the game so far, and it’ll cost just $2.99 to download. 

It’ll be out next week. In the meantime, if you haven’t already played Pascal’s Wager you can get up to speed with this acclaimed mobile soulslike by downloading it right now on the Google Play Store for the introductory price of $3.99. 

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