Path to Mnemosyne is a Monochrome Arthouse Puzzler, and it’s Out Now on Android

Crescent Moon Games has just published DevlishGames’s Path to Mnemosyne, an arthouse puzzler with distinctive black and white visuals.

The game casts you as a little girl running down a long path. Every so often she encounters an obstacle that she can only overcome by solving a puzzle. 

It’s a simple premise elevated by immaculate presentation. Path to Mnemosyne has a highly polished arthouse aesthetic, with hand-drawn graphics, flowing cartoon animation, and a camera that zooms in and out unsettlingly.


Mnemosyne, of course, is the Greek goddess of memory, and that gives you a clue as to what Path to Mnemosyne is all about. The ultimate aim is to restore a little girl’s memories. 

You can get to work on that right now by downloading Path to Mnemosyne on Google Play

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