Two New Sinners Arrive In Path To Nowhere Event

Feature image for our Path To Nowhere event news piece. It shows the new Sinner character Corso, a woman with plaited blue hair and dripping mascara stood around destroyed and leaking oil barrels.

A new event kicks off today for dystopian gacha Path To Nowhere. Conflagrant Poleis runs up until the 4th of July and comes with a neat trailer and some new characters to check out.

The trailer shows social media erupting into a panic as news of outbreaks of Mania spread across the city. If you have some time to kill it’s worth pausing the trailer to get a chance to read some of the posts and internet arguments on the fake social feeds. It’s a fun bit of world-building.

A Writing Bird And A Fighting Dog

The event brings two new Sinners to the roster for a limited time. There’s Raven, a journalist and self-proclaimed poet of questionable ethics. Then there’s wild woman Corso, an underground gladiator arena fighter who will do anything to win, which probably explains how she wound up locked up.

Corso is available to anyone who completes a first-day sign-in. There’s also an increased chance to arrest Raven, Corso, Mr. Fox, and Horo until the event ends. Mr. Fox also gets a new skin, ‘Twilight Game’.

We’re On The Road To Nowhere

So, what’s Path To Nowhere all about? Well, Path To Nowhere is a gacha game with a tower defense-style gacha game set in a grim, dystopian city.

You take on the role of the Chief, put in charge of forming a squad from a bunch of talented or downright unnatural prisoners to save the neo-noir city from complete annihilation by crime, disaster, and eldritch plague.

So think of Pokémon except instead of collecting cute monsters, you collect dangerous convicts locked away for the good of society.

You can also expect to get to know the villains in your suicide squad and figure out what makes them tick. We’re not sure if relationships with prisoners under your command are strictly ethical, but neither is making them fight monsters so you might as well go all-in, Chief.

You can check out the Path To Nowhere event now on Google Play.

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