New Path To Nowhere Promo Vid Reveals Next Chapter

The featured image for our Path To Nowhere Rustfire Maxim article, featuring a woman wearing dark attire sitting in a dimly lit room. She smiles at the camera. To her left is "Rustfire Maxim" written in it's title card.

Aisno has released the next chapter in the Path To Nowhere story in an event titled Rustfire Maxim. The studio uploaded the trailer for the event at the end of February, gaining fan hype.

The trailer reveals a plethora of characters to be returning in the event through a short animation. Each character takes focus for a portion of the trailer, with full voice narrations reintroducing them. It’s very high quality, which we’ve come to expect from Path To Nowhere at this point.

The characters revealed include Iron, Anne, The Nameless Sinner, Ninety-Nine, Horo, Zoya, 036, and Earl. Each get their own few lines of dialogue, hinting at where their arcs are headed. Check out the trailer on YouTube for yourself.

The Next Chapter Has Fans Hyped

We took to Reddit to gauge the immediate fan reaction to Rustfire Maxim. A post sharing the new Path To Nowhere trailer is where we started.

One user, @centriapetal, experessed their excitement for the event, writing “honestly one of the best story based gachas (and all voiced!!)”

Another user, @Spartan-219, writes “Art and character design of this game is just so good”.

It seems that Path To Nowhere has gained respect from the gacha community. A commenter, @gadesabc, writes “Even if one don’t like the game, I think that everyone can recognize the effort and quality dev. put in their first game to create something original, an ambiance. […]”

Overall, the general reactions to the trailer and the event have been extremely positive!

What Is Path To Nowhere?

Path To Nowhere is a strategy RPG that focuses on storytelling, while also captivating the audience with thought-provoking gameplay. The game itself is made up of real-time tower defence mechanics, as you hunt down dangerous Sinners in a world that takes on a Lovecraft-meets-anime aesthetic.

You can download the game on Google Play now.

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