Film-Themed Path To Nowhere Event Premiers Exclusive Character

Feature image for our Path To Nowhere news piece. It shows the character Deren, a dark-haired character wearing a fedora and a jacket.

A new limited-time event for Path To Nowhere, Beyond Discars, kicks off today, a film festival with some new stars and higher stakes.

The event brings three new Sinners along with it. The small but tanky OWO, rabbit-helmet-wearing Lynn, and the event-exclusive and impressively kitted-out Deren. If you want her on your squad and you’re a global player, then this might be your only chance.

New Characters, Outfits, And Content

Along with the characters, there are a few new skins up for grabs for the regular roster. Serpent, Labyrinth, and Anne have some new looks, even the Chief can smarten themselves up a little.

In addition to the character content, there’s new gameplay to wade into as well. The event’s characters each have an interrogation session, but that’s not all.

There’s the Crew Recruitment, Filming Trip, and a huge threat to the city in the finale. You’ll also see a host of new battlefields, which should keep things fresh.

If you’re new to the game and curious, don’t let the jazzy trailer give you the wrong idea. While most gacha tend to go a fairly idealized world, Path To Nowhere is a much darker and grungier take on the genre.

A Gacha With A Bit More Grimdark

The game takes place in a neo-noir dystopia where you play the role of the ‘Chief’, a male or female officer in charge of a group of ‘Sinners’. These are highly dangerous and rather irregular outlaws contained for the good of society.

Also for the good of society, you’re expected to leverage your Sinners’ talents in dealing with threats to the city. So it’s like Suicide Squard where you’re expected to make social conversation with the supervillains afterward.

Combat is a bit like a tower defense, with a little more flexibility on unit placement and formation change. Put together a team of dangerous and anomalous individuals and try to maneuver them to fight things even more of a threat than they are. If that sounds like fun, you can check it out on Google Play.

If you’re on the lookout for other gacha news, check out our piece on the Tianzi 76 trailer.

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