[PAX East 2015] Downwell Lets You Shoot Your Way Down a Well

If you have ever dreamed of wearing gun-boots, Downwell may just satisfy that wish. Developed by Ojiro Fumoto, the game sports mostly black and white 8-bit visuals and I had a chance to try it out at PAX East.

Played in a landscape orientation, Downwell is perfect for playing on a smartphone, which is what I got to try it on. After running around for a few moments, I found a well which, as you probably guessed, I was able to go down. Using gun-boots, shooting the ground allows you to dig. Along the way gems are procured which can be then used in shops, located in the well, to upgrade your boots.

Besides digging with bullets, the float the boots have provides a way to avoid spikes, which if hit too many times will kill you. Downhill is set for a release this July.

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