Pebble Universe Gets its First Update in Five Years

Pebble Universe is an Angry Birds styled physics puzzle game with more going on than attacking greedy green pigs. Gameplay tells the story of one species of animals rising against the monsters preying on them.

Pebble Universe – A Physics Puzzle Game Best Described as a Combination of Bugs Life and Angry birds

You play as the Pebbles, tiny little creatures who farm flowers for food and kept to themselves. That is until the Soot-Lump monsters came to town and started to feast on Pebble-meat. These giant flying black monsters can see right through the pebble camouflage, terrorising the Pebbles.

That is until one day when two Pebbles rolled into each other and launched their shells way up into the air. These shells became projectiles, killing any Soot-Lumps it so contacted. Different Pebble creatures have unique shells that can explode or split into many projectiles.

The update features over 100 new levels for players to enjoy. If you are interested in the quirky puzzler Pebble Universe, then why not grab a copy from the Play Store.

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