Peglin Brings Dragons, Goblins, And Lots Of Pegs To Android

Feature image for our news piece on the Peglin Android release. It shows a screen with a battle in Peglin, where the goblin faces several plant-like enemies as a ball bounces around a pachinko table below.

The fiendishly addictive roguelike has hit Google Play. The Peglin Android port is here, and we’re ready to waste a whole lot of time on it. The game hit Steam nearly a year previously, and now you can get your hands on it on the objectively best platform.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

So, what is a peglin? A peglin is a goblin who fights with pegs. The peglins have a grudge against the dragons, who’ve made their lives a misery for far too long. It’s time for revenge. Time to head out through the woods, fighting anything in your way to go and take on the dragons head-to-head.

The gameplay is a roguelike along the lines of Slay The Spire, except you’re fighting with a pachinko machine. That might sound pretty strange, but it’s more intuitive than it sounds.

To hit the enemy you line up your marble, rock, or whatever projectile you prefer, and fire it into a little course. The number of pegs it hits on the way down determines the damage your little goblin does, whether you perform a critical hit, and if you can refill the board with more pegs.

A New Take On Roguelikes

Master the pachinko process and your little guy can do hefty damage as the ball you dropped in launched at whatever monster had the nerve to make eye contact with you.

Of course, you are playing as but a small little goblin, and the world is full of danger. You’ll probably die at some point in your quest, which means starting from the beginning again. Fortunately, things don’t get too dull, as each run holds new surprises. Power-ups, enemies, and maps will change.

Peglin Android is the kind of game that, while a port from PC, feels like something that could have been made for the platform.

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