Puzzle & Dragons teams up with Persona for a limited time event

Persona Puzzle & Dragons Android

In a mash-up we’ve all been waiting for, Persona’s finally arriving in Puzzle & Dragons.

This limited-time event will run between July 16 – 29, and allows you to team up with your favourite characters from the Persona series.

Amongst many more, you can expect to play with Makoto Yuki, Aigis, Ren Amamiya, and Goro Akechi.

The Persona series has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons

This event also comes with new mechanics. You’ll have to actually use a character’s persona to defeat your enemies, the Twin Wardens Justine and Caroline.

Just by participating in the event, you’ll get a free pull at the Persona Egg Machine and the Persona Memorial Egg Machine. Each provide a chance to get a rare collaboration character.

You can also buy a special Persona Egg Machine limited bundle for the price of a mere Magic Stone.

Head on over to Google Play to check out the Persona limited time event in Puzzle & Dragons, available right now.

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