Peter Rabbit makes the leap to mobile in the form of a kid-friendly mini-game collection

Who could have predicted that stuffy old Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit would have a such a massive comeback in 2018? Nobody, that’s who.

But following a CBeebies show and a megabucks animated movie starring the universally beloved James Corden, Peter Rabbit is once again big business. And developer No Yetis Allowed is getting in on the action with Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go!

Apparently based on the film, this kid-friendly casual game sees you raiding poor old Mr McGregor’s garden and stealing strawberries from Mr Tod. Other less criminal activities include playing with a toy train and bowling with pinecones.

There’s an educational angle too, with spelling games, number challenges, and musical activities with Jeremy Fisher — a perfect recipe for guilt-free screen time. Maybe.

You can grab Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go! here.

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