Pictosoft slides onto Android with their new game Power Skate

Pictosoft have released some pretty decent games for Android in the past, most notably the aerial combat shooter Medal of Gunner. Their newest offering to Android gamers comes in the form of a game called Power Skate which has nothing to do with ice or skates but skateboards instead.

In Power Skate you play as a rather creepy looking clown on a skateboard who is apparently jealous that everyone is happy over someone else. This brings him to his current creepy looking state, busting out his skateboard in order to go through each level of the game to deprive everyone of their happiness.

Power Skate Features:

– Tap to jump and sidestep your power-skating clown as avoiding obstacles that block your way
– Dodge multiple obstacles coming to you continually.
– Jump is just a basic step! You can master slide, crouch, downhill, acceleration and even more advanced actions
– Master these skills and combos creating a cool style of your own
– Three modes: Normal, Hard, Endless
– 32 levels in normal and hard modes with increasing difficulty and hundreds of levels to unlock
– Just pick out your favorite one among various characters such as clown. Ninja and witches
– There are tons of skates with distinctive shapes and additional capabilities.
– Definitely, everyone likes our lovely characters and stage environment

If you don’t feel like being a clown, you can also play as a Ninja, a witch or other characters. While rolling through each stage you will have to jump, side-step, crouch,  and slide your way passed obstacles. You can master these skills and more and combine them all to make combos and your own style of skating.

Power Skate is a pretty nice little time killer if you are looking for an action / platformer type of game to kill a few free minutes here and there with. There also happens to be an endless mode should you choose to see how long you can survive dodging obstacles. Either way you can nab Power Skate off of the Google Play store for free.

Developer Website: Pictosoft

Google Play Link: Power Skate

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