Hunt Down Pikmin In Your House With Pikmin Finder

Feature image for our Pikmin Finger news piece. It is a promotional image from the Pikmin Finder site, with a green background and a red bulborb looking toward the viewer.

A new AR game from Nintendo and just dropped without warning, and you can try it out for yourself right now, no download required. Pikmin Finder features the beloved little plant aliens from the series and brings them right to your house, office, or wherever you’re playing.

Pikmin Finder is a fairly simple game, more of a toy than anything with a lot of objectives to shoot for. You find little sprouts that you can pull by swiping to make Pikmin pop out of the ground.

Treasure Hunt

Once you’ve recruited your little plant guys, you can put them to work and ask them to go look for treasure. They’ll go jogging off into the distance and come back with an object for you, which adds to a collection you can take a look at in your bottom bar.

Oatchi makes an appearance too, with the space dog hauling back items in his mouth. What a good boy.

The whole thing is based around Augmented Reality, and as a result, you can walk around your helpers and the items they bring you.

The AR Isn’t Totally Spot On

The 8th Wall AR is fun, though not exactly flawless. When we tried it out the Pikmin had next to no respect for surfaces when moving, and tended to just run across walls and screens like they were open space.

Regardless, it’s a fun little distraction and if you’re a fan of the series the novelty of watching them run around your desk definitely makes it worth the few seconds it takes to load it up.

If you want to check this game out for yourself, you can kick it off right now for free by heading to the Pikmin Finder site with your browser.

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