Pinball Arcade’s Twilight Zone funding successful, almost half way to Star Trek table

We’ve been reporting on Farsight’s Pinball Arcade Kickstarter project since it went live. The original goal was to get enough funding to be able to get the license for the rights to digitize the Twilight Zone pinball table. Well that goal has been reached and they are already half way to getting enough funds for their stretch goal which is the Star Trek: Next Generation table.

In an update to their Kickstarter project, Farsight has announced that they have officially signed on The Twilight Zone license which means a true reproduction of the table in digital format will be underway and heading to the Pinball Arcade platform which is available on many platforms including Android.

Their stretch goal, which was an additional $55,000 was set so that Farsight could also get the license to digitize the Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball table. So far they are a little over halfway to meeting that stretch goal with their total sitting at almost $74,000. There is still 67 hours to go so they very well might reach their stretch goal. Either way, expect The Twilight Zone to arrive soon.

Website Referenced: Kickstarter via GameTrailers

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