Pinball for Android

Pinball for Android, developed by Magma Mobile, has been around for awhile now on the Android market. While there aren’t many pinball games available just yet, and what is available is pretty terrible, Magma Mobile has kept this title high in quality and innovation. Each stage in this game is unique and interactive while keeping the gameplay simple and true to pinball.

Coming with 7 stages to choose from, each stage has their own layout, ramps, bonuses and more. Gameplay is easy as all you do is launch your ball and use the flippers the bat the ball around to gain points. Controls can be either touchscreen or keyboard with the ability to customize which keys you want to use.


  • 7 Interactive stages
  • Touchscreen and Keyboard control support
  • Online high scores for each stages
  • Lots of options you can customize


If you like pinball games then you’ll be very happy adding this to your collection of games if you haven’t already. The Android market certainly lacks when it comes to pinball games. Magma Mobile also keep this game up-to-date and also add new stages for you to play so the game will never get boring.

You can pick this game up off the Android market for Free (ad supported) right now. Pretty much your only real option if you are looking to kill some time with a little pinball action.

Developer Website: N/A

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