Pipe Dreams

While pipe puzzle games are not exactly abundant on the Android market right now, what is on there is actually less then great in terms of art and gameplay, that is until Pipe Dreams by Epic Applications came to Android. Pipe Dreams is a pipe puzzle game with good art, excellent animation and a fun style of gameplay for your Android device.

Gameplay is pretty straightforward in Pipe Dreams. Tap where you want your piece to go, if it doesn’t fit, tap again to replace it. Keep going until you get the piece you want but don’t get too excited as each piece will cost you points. Continue on until you attach the faucet to the reservoir but you aren’t done at this point either. You also have to close up any remaining openings to ensure no leaks happen or it’ll cost you even more points. Pieces that touch the edge of the screen don’t leak so you don’t have to worry about them.

You have to beat the timer or the water will slowly start to flow through the piping which is definitely not good if you only have half your piping in place. However you can also speed up the water should you finish ahead of time and get yourself some bonus points. If you put a piece in and it is in the wrong place or you want to take your turn back you can just tap the circle arrow icon in the bottom left beside the faucet icon.


  • 4 Difficulty levels to choose
  • Dynamic gameplay – no stage is the same twice
  • Save your game and return later to it at any time
  • Online global scoreboard
  • Good art and animation


Pipe Dreams is quite the enjoyable game and thanks to the dynamic level generation there is always replay value since no stage is ever the same. While a lot of pipe puzzle games fall short of the mark in one category or another, Pipe Dreams offers up a good dose of quality in all departments. For some reason it reminds me a bit of the Bioshock PC game when you hack things.

If you like puzzle games and especially those of the pipe nature then this will definitely be a great addition to your collection. You can pick this little gem up off the Android market right now for $1.99USD. This is Epic Application’s first release for Android and hopefully we see some more quality work coming from them in the future.

Developer Website: Epic Applications

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