Pitman for Android

Pitman, released by Alawar Entertainment, is a gem miner style game where you control a mining/harvester machine to dig around every stage and collect as much of the gems and gold you find without dieing. While the concept is nothing new for the most part, the execution is fairly well done with original graphics and sounds throughout the game.

You control your machine by either tapping on the screen where you want it to go, by using the trackball or by going into the settings and enabling the on-screen controls. Using the trackball seems to work best from my experience although others may find tapping the screen much better. While you go around collecting gems and gold you’ll have enemies to kill as well as not dieing from falling crates of gold and other obstacles. Also available are different bonuses to help you along the way such as the fast-recharge bonus.


  • Good 2D graphics (nice detail and animation)
  • Control using either Touch screen, Trackball or on-screen controls
  • High score board

While the sound of the machine you are controlling gets a bit on the repetitive side, you can always just turn off the volume which was what ended up happening. Otherwise it is a pretty good time killer if you just want a simple and enjoyable game to play without a whole lot of depth. While that may sound bad it can actually be a good thing, especially when you have a few minutes to waste and don’t need any sort of heavy gameplay.

You can pick up this fun little game from the Android market for $1.99USD or you can give the Lite version a shot before buying for free. A good game to just pick up and play when you have a few moments to waste.

Developer Website: Alawar Entertainment

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