Pivoty is a new challenging arcade shooter for Android

Red Band Games has released their debut game onto Android called Pivoty. This particular game is an arcade shooter where players will be trying to hit all the figures in each level. However, the twist with this game is that there are no crosshairs or anything of that nature to help you aim.

The figures you need to hit vary in sizes and shapes, most of which are in patterns as well. Your goal is to hit all of the spots with a shot by tapping on them. Since you don’t have a crosshair, aiming is all done by eye.  Missing a shot means you have to start over again. In total there are 200 levels for you to work your way through, with 10 hidden levels to unlock. If you’re into achievement collecting, Pivoty has 120 of them for you to try and complete.

Pivoty Features:

– 200 levels
– Tap to shoot, hit the target, easy as that
– Switch the color theme of your game to your liking.
– Unlock over 10 secret levels, all you need to do is guess the right password
– Use UNDO in order to turn back time after aa missed shot.
– 127 achievements
– Analyze complex in-game statistics.

Pivoty also lets users customize the colors of the game to something you prefer instead of the default ones. Messing up a shot will require you to either use a UNDO item, or to restart the level. You can earn UNDO items as you progress through the game, or by buying some using IAPs. Everything is wrapped up in minimalistic style visuals.

For those of you interested in checking this game out, Pivoty is available off of Google Play for free with optional IAPs. You can also check out the game’s trailer below to see the gameplay in action.

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