Check Out This Upcoming Text-Based MMORPG, Pixel Odyssey

Pixel Odyssey official artwork.

A solo indie developer is working on an intriguing text-based MMORPG that you can play across Android (soon) and PC via a web browser. It’s very SimpleMMO, but with a bit more of a visual flourish.

The clue to that flourish is in its title. The entire experience is awash with beautiful pixel icons and artwork, from items you discover while out on adventures to menu buttons. It’s pleasant stuff.

How Does Pixel Odyssey Work?

In terms of gameplay, it harkens back to early PC text-based adventures. You explore locations, encounter foes, and collect items by simply reading text and making choices as to how to proceed.

Pixel Odyssey is currently in beta, but already has an impressive array of features. There are ten locations to explore, a bunch of items to collect and craft, and a full-blown player-run trading system.

There’s also PvP for those that like to challenge others for supremacy, a bunch of skills, skins, and titles to collect, and, most importantly, gear.

Is That It?

But it doesn’t stop there. In the future, you should expect to see guilds, bosses, daily quests, pets, a perma-death hardcore mode, and a ton more weapons, spells, and equipment to gather.

Pixel Odyssey will likely launch later this year, judging from Reddit. You can check out the beta right now on the official site, though the Android version isn’t available yet.

Or, if you simply must play something like this immediately, you can check out SimpleMMO on Google Play. It doesn’t quite have the pixelated goodness, but it does boast a wealth of content.

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