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Plant Adventure Release Date Is Here And It Has Strong Cookie Run Kingdom Vibes

Feature image for our Plant Adventure release date news. It shows several plant people characters running across a hand-painted field.

The endearing RPG Plant Adventure release date has hit Google Play and is available free to play now.

The game is a heartbreakingly cute-looking strategy RPG where you assemble a team of colorful plant people and do battle against evil.

A Kingdom In Trouble

It takes place in the Kingdom of Flora, the most prosperous nation on the continent. Creatures with plant-like traits make up the population. Everything is going great, right up until the Evil Spore shows up.

This malevolent influence corrupts the Temple Of Life and starts destroying the kingdom and turning its inhabitants over to the dark side. Evil insects are everywhere, and mold is spreading and rotting the surviving plant people, which is actually more horrifying the more you think about it.

Fortunately, a band of five heroes shows up to take on the evil spore and save Flora.

Seeds And Swordplay

You’ll be growing a garden of heroes and hoping that your enemies don’t eat their veggies as you send your party through waves of monsters, and make use of their unique skills to advance. Knowing where to place them in formation will also have an impact on their effectiveness.

The characters have unusual little designs and engage with a lot of inter-party banter between and throughout stages.

In addition to the RPG part, you’ll get stuck into a bit of town building as you reconstruct villages destroyed in the chaos, and get some help with your resources.

In addition, there is multiplayer cooperation through the form of guilds. You’re able to fight alongside fellow guild members and level up the guild tree as a team. You’re able to take on enemies together and have a bit of fun with your friends.

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