Plants vs Zombies 2 gets an 80s themed update with the Neon Mixtape Tour, Side B

Plants vs Zombies 2 has received a new content update full of hairspray and bad haircuts. This update is all 80s themed and is officially titled the Neon Mixtape Tour, Side B update, which should give you an idea of what to expect in terms of the theme itself.

The new update brings with it the usual goodies that come with any update for Plants vs Zombies 2. This means new levels, new plants and new zombies. On the plant side of things, there are three new ones: Sporeshroom, a plant that spawns after killing a zombie, Garlic, a plant that forces zombies to change lanes after they take a bite, and Intensive Carrot, an instant use plant with a great name that can restore a plant that has been destroyed by zombies.

There is also a few new zombies that players will have to deal with as well. There is the Breakdancer Zombie, a dancing zombie who spins on his head to his favorite jam, and Arcade Zombie, a zombie who pushes an arcade cabinet that can absorb damage and spawn three different 8-bit basic zombies. There is also a Boombox Zombie which is mandatory when talking about the 80s.

All of the new plants and zombies are now available in 16 new levels for players to work their way through. On top of that, there are two new music genres added to the soundtrack, and I’m sure you can guess what genres those happen to be, considering the theme of this update. The Neon Mixtape Tour, Side B is now available for download if you have Plants vs Zombies 2 installed.

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