Play Lords Mobile in High Def on a Big Screen and Claim a Bunch of Free Rewards

IGG has just launched a standalone PC version of Lords Mobile, allowing you to play the studio’s vastly popular strategy MMORPG on the big screen without signing up for a Steam account. 

And if you get going right now you can take part in the Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon crossover event. 

Set to run until the end of June, this fun collaboration sees you joining forces with the residents of Berk and taking part in a bunch of specific collab events. 

In the unlikely event that you’re not already familiar with Lords Mobile, here’s the lowdown. 

The True Emperor is dead, and citizens of the game’s fantasy realm are locked in a perpetual struggle for power and control. Those citizens include mermaids, dwarves, elves, steampunk robots, and more. 

Your task in all this chaos is to build a kingdom, train troops, collect Artifacts, manage resources, forge alliances, summon heroes, and command your troops in battle using an endless array of formations and unit combinations. 

While we’re big fans of the mobile version, the big screen might just be a better fit for a game on Lords Mobile’s scale. 

Some of the battles can be absolutely massive, and they’re sure to be even more spectacular in high definition on a PC monitor. Plus, it’s hard to beat keyboard and mouse when you’re scrambling to command units on the battlefield. 

Plus, playing Lords Mobile on a PC means never having to worry about running out of battery or fielding any of the other interruptions that come with a phone. You can stay logged in 24/7, giving you a vital advantage in the race for the throne. 

And if you feel like going mobile, you can seamlessly transition between versions as long as you log in using your Facebook account. 

Now would be the ideal time to start, since IGG is running three events to mark the launch of the standalone PC version of Lords Mobile. 

These let you enjoy 10% bonus Diamonds and other gifts when you make your first in-game purchase, claim a bunch of exclusive rewards for checking in seven times in seven days, and complete invitation tasks to earn Speed Ups, Artifact Coins, in-game packs, and so on. 

You can also claim an exclusive event code on the Lords Mobile PC event page. So what are you waiting for, head over to the Website and download Lords Mobile on PC right now.

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