Play with sound waves to solve puzzles in Kerflux, now out on Google Play

For those who like brain bending puzzles, Kerflux might be a game you should try. Kerflux is released by Punk Labs. The goal in the game is primarily about matching up different wave forms, shown in patterns on the screen.

Players will look to align a wave pattern that sits across the top of the screen, by sliding the established wave patterns to the left or right, that are below it. The game starts with two sliders for players to use, but more sliders enter play as the puzzles grow more complex. As players get closer to solving a puzzle, the sound track changes in volume and clarity, thus providing a form of audio clues, as to whether or not they’re on the correct track.

In short, the music starts out muffled and grows more clear as the puzzle is closer to being solved. Long before the days of streaming music in your car, there was this thing called a radio that had AM and FM stations. Wait a minute. Those still exist? Anyway, if you have ever tried to tune a radio station, you would have to keep turning the dial into you got on the right frequency for the music or radio talk show to come through clearly. Kerflux is a bit similar in that way. 

It is an interesting game that has a somewhat unusual premise. Here are more details about the components in the game.

Kerflux Game Features:

  • A completely original, never before seen wave puzzle.
  • Increasingly challenging waveform combinations.
  • 8bit chiptune music that hints at a solution.
  • Achievements, how far can you get?
  • Pay what YOU want! Free is totally an option. Go for it.

Kerflux is available for free from Google Play. Players do have the option of donating within the app, to support the developer. They range from free to $7.99 with some intermediary amounts as well.


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