Playbox bringing two more free games to Android this month.

Playbox, developers of the great racing game for Tegra 2 Android devices called Bang Bang Racing THD, will be releasing 2 more games this month for free onto Android. Switch came out a few days ago and is a great racing game but Playbox is looking to expand on that this month with 2 more titles.

Switch is a great little 3D racing game that is face-paced and looks great. You’ll have to switch lanes to avoid the obstacles (laser beams) but as you get further into the race you will definitely need to be quick on doing that otherwise your ship will be destroyed. You need to get as far as you can and that requires some quick reactions on your part.

• Simple and addictive gameplay.
• Console quality visuals and sounds.
• Original sound and music.
• Online leaderboards using OpenFeint.


If you haven’t given Switch a try and you like endless racing games, then you will want to go to the Android Market and download it for free. However Playbox isn’t done with just that one free game. They already have two more slated for release this month: Angry Wife and House of Golf.

Angry Wife is Playbox’s take on the old school game of having to catch items that are falling down while avoiding the ones that will kill you. However, this modern take on the game bring a more humorous theme to it in that you have to collect your valuable items that are being thrown out of the window by your angry wife. Of course not everything is valuable and you will have to avoid all the dangerous items she is tossing at your face while you try to catch your items.


Last, but certainly not least, is House of Golf. This title is a 3D golf game set in a house and comes with 45 holes in total that you will have to navigate in order to get the best score. The holes are divided up between 5 locations in the house: Garage, Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, and the Attic. While Angry Wife will sport 2D graphics, House of Golf will come complete with console-quality 3D graphics when it is released.


Both Angry Wife and House of Golf will be released this month for free on the Android Market. Switch is already out and is definitely worth checking out if you enjoy endless racing games and is also available for free.

Developer Website: Playbox

Android Market Link: Switch

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