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Fortnite is the biggest gaming phenomenon of 2018, with tens of millions of active players, versions available on every conceivable platform, and thousands of column inches devoted to fretting about how it has taken over the world.

For the uninitiated, Fortnite is a battle royale game. It sees you dropping into an island that’s crawling with up to 100 human opponents, and then battling it out using a variety of weapons and vehicles until just one player remains.

Weapons and other items are hidden around the island, and you can build structures too by collecting resources.

Over time the island you’re playing on gets incrementally smaller to reflect the ever diminishing population of human combatants. After all, if the playing area didn’t shrink the last two players would never find each other.

Fornite items

Fortnite is free, which is one of the reasons for its runaway world-conquering success. The good people at Epic Games need to eat, however, so the game lets you buy V-Bucks to spend on purely cosmetic – but no less essential – items and weapons.

Or you can use normal money with PlayerAuctions.

This ingenious platform allows Fortnite players to buy and sell guns, traps, and crafting materials among themselves on the open market.

For example, you can pick up a Candy Corn LMG for $8, six Buzzcuts for $13.20, or seven Hydras for $15.40. Or if building stuff is more your speed perhaps you’d like to invest in 200 units of Obsidian Ore for $10, or 400 Planks for $5, or 100 Units of Sunbeam Crystal for $6.

Fortnite with PlayerAuctions

Basically, everything you can find in Fortnite or buy with V-Bucks you can exchange for hard cash on PlayerAuctions, usually for your gaming platform of choice.

Likewise, if you have more stuff than you can possibly use and enough skill and time to earn more, PlayerAuctions lets you monetize your skills.

Visit PlayerAuctions now to get your hands on some cheap Fortnite items.


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