PlayJam’s GameStick gets the rebooted Boulder Dash collection from Herocraft

Recently Herocraft, in conjunction with First Star Software, released a remake of the classic Boulder Dash games called Boulder Dash-XL. While this game features the same hectic style of gameplay as the classic version did from a long time ago, the visuals have been completely redone with a more 3D look to them. There are also a couple of other features that this reboot comes with to bring it more into the modern times.

Some of these new features includes achievements and leaderboard, five different game modes to play through and controls designed for touch screens. Even with the modernization of Boulder Dash-XL the game still follows the theme it did from when it was originally released. Players are challenged to collect as many gems as possible while trying to avoid all the hazards in each stage. You will also have to take down enemies that are wandering around looking to stop you. Players will have to do all of this while racing against the clock.

While the game is currently available on Google Play for all Android devices, those of you who will be getting a GameStick Android-powered console will be happy to know that Boulder Dash-XL will also be available for it as well, complete with the cool Retro mode where all the graphics jump through time, going back to looking old school.

When your GameStick arrives at your house, you should be able to pick up Boulder Dash-XL pretty much right away. Until then, if you want to check it out on your Android device, you can download a copy of it off of Google Play for $2.99.

Google Play Link: Boulder Dash-XL

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