Playphone releases Tanks vs Wizards multiplayer artillery game for Android

Playphone has been really pushing their Android catalog lately it seems and the newest addition to the Playphone line of games is a title called Tanks vs Wizards. While not your typical ‘vs’ game, this particular one is actually a multiplayer artillery game.

In this new game you will be able to pick either a tank or wizard and begin battling it out in an artillery gaming fashion. What this means is that you will be taking shots at your enemy while they try to take shots at you hoping to hit you. Rounds keep going until someone is destroyed. Destroy your opponent while avoiding their shots and you win.

Tanks vs Wizards Features:

– Real-time deathmatch action
– Various Tanks and Wizards armed with deadly weapons and spells
– Items and upgrades
– Experience gains and level-based unlockables
– Battle against your friends!

Everything is done in real-time and as you win matches you can gain XP which you can use to unlock and buy new, more powerful weapons. You can also unlock other items, customize your item slots with those items, and head into battle against your friends even more decked out then they are, hopefully.

For those of you who like quick multiplayer games like this you may want to check Tanks vs Wizards out. You can download the game for free off the Android Market.

Developer Website: Playphone

Android Market Link: Tanks vs Wizards

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