PlayPhone to release four more games onto Android over the next month

PlayPhone has been making a rather strong push onto the Android platform having released a fair amount of games across multiple genres including an MMORPG called Rebels & Rulers. Well they have just announced that they won’t be slowing down anytime soon either.

In fact they have a bunch of games slated for release over the next month. Some of the games mentioned in their announcement are already available like the new Burn the Rope sequel called Burn the Rope: Worlds and Friends and Battlenova. However, they have plenty of other games that will be making their way to Android soon as well and, judging from previous releases, will be free downloads with most of the games being freemium in nature.

Journey to Egypt

Journey to Egypt from China Wireless Arts transports players to the land of the Nile where they are submerged into an ancient Egyptian mystery and challenged to solve the secret of the “Pyramid Millennium.”   It’s a heroic adventure filled with fast-paced arcade combat, cryptic Egyptian themes and an immersive storyline.

Puzzle Rivals

Puzzle Rivals from Nimbus Games tells a story of brave folks of a forgotten nation. A deep evil force consumed this nation and few escaped, their memories lost. Players fight a long path ahead hoping to meet friends, increase their strength and finally to protect their family from this evil force.

Pet Kingdom

Pet Kingdom compels players to nurture and train their pet to become a trustworthy friend and ally as they embark on an adventure-filled journey to befriend the powerful Kate and eradicate the Ghost King in this engaging pet game from China Wireless Arts.

SmartQuiz Live!

SmartQuiz LIVE! takes the traditional game show concept and turns it upside down.  Up to 5 players compete in LIVE multiplayer trivia question rounds where the trivia is based on pop culture, historic and non-traditional trivia categories. Its lightning-fast action where one player is destined to become the “Caveman” of trivia, another may use a “help-line” to “stay in play” and ultimately one is crowned the SmartQuiz Champion.

These four titles are the only ones on their announcement today that are not yet released so we can expect them to arrive over the course of the next month. The rest of the games mention are already out for Android which PlayPhone has beeen releasing at a steady rate. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you might want to as there is a little something for everyone.

Developer Website: PlayPhone

Android Market Link: PlayPhone Market Listing

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