Pocket Gem (aka Streetview Labs) to bring Tap series of games to Android

Pocket Gem, which recently changed their name from Streetview Labs in case you don’t recognize the new name, just finished a massive round of funding which netted the company $5 million. While this is great, better news is regarding their Tap series of games and the fact that they will be expanding onto Android.

A total of 5 games exist right now in their ‘Tap’ game line-up:

  • Tap Zoo
  • Tap Zoo Christmas
  • Tap Store
  • Tap Farm
  • Tap Jungle


All of their games are basically sim games where you can make your own Zoo, Store, Farm, whatever. While all games are free, they do follow the ever popular and successful business model, Freemium. This means that although the game is full and free, you’ll be able to purchase in-game items with real money to help boost your gameplay.

As for when the expansion into Android is going to happen, all that was mentioned is ‘soon’. We predicted it awhile ago and we still hold true to that prediction, Freemium is a great business model and we will be seeing more of it to land on the Android Market.

Website Referenced: TechCrunch

Developer Website: Pocket Gems

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