Pocket Gems to have a sale for in-game currency in all their games

Memorial Day Weekend is usually a great time to pick up some sweet deals on Android games and this year’s is no different, especially with the huge Because We May indie game sale that is going on right now. Pocket Games is having a sale but of a different nature to celebrate Memorial Day.

Since all of the Pocket Gem games are free to download already, they have decided to put up a sale but regarding the in-game currency players can purchase in order to get unique items and perks within their games. Starting on Sunday May 27th at midnight PST the in-game currency for all of the Pocket Gem games will be on sale offering anyone who purchases in-game currency 50% more. This sale will last a whole week so there is plenty of time to charge up if you need it.

So when the sale starts you will be able to purchase that new dragon or lion cub, depending on which game(s) you play from Pocket Gems, and still have some in-game currency left over to spend on other goodies. The sale is, however, only through the Amazon App Store using Amazon’s recently released in-game purchasing system.

Amazon Market Link: Pocket Gems

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