Pocket Legends and Star Legends MMORPGs getting their Christmas content update today

Not one to miss out on bringing presents to players and new content to their games, Spacetime Studios will be releasing their holiday content updates for both Pocket Legends and Star Legends MMORPG titles for Android and Chrome. There is plenty coming to spread the holiday spirit in-game, jump into the article to find out exactly what and see a preview.

So what can you expect to find in Star Legends and Pocket Legends this holiday season, well let’s take a look shall we.

Star Legends:

– Biggest update yet
– Level cap raise to 41
– Solve the mystery of the missing Governor of Volaria
– The Galactic Welfare Society is under attack from The Screwj. Can players save the holiday season for aliens and humans alike?
– All new items, levels and adventures including a Bonus Capture-the-Flag map

So for Star Legends it is actually the biggest update to hit the game so far with a level cap being raised to 41 and a plethora of all new items and quests. There is even a new Capture-the-flag map which is pretty awesome. So here is what is coming to Pocket Legends:

Pocket Legends:

– Seasonal Quests and battle areas
– New holiday-only loot
– Brand new content and surprises for players

The holiday update for Pocket Legends isn’t as big as Star Legends but that also could be because the game has been around a lot longer so it’s already filled out with a ton of content. Still you have seasonal quests, holiday loot and surprised in store for you in Pocket Legends. Both updates should be landing at some point today if they haven’t already.

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

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