Pocket Legends gets its first big update

In time for the holidays, Android’s first 3D MMORPG has received it’s first major update. When it arrives we can expect new play types, new quests available for all 15-20 level players, and an improved store interface making in game purchases easier. New content listed with improvements and features found after the break.

The first major update to Spacetime Studio’s 250,000 (plus!) downloaded MMORPG Pocket Legends has landed. Available now from the Android Market it brings many new features, changes and even new content to all players.

New Content:

  • Big Bad Boss: Can you defeat the Goblin King and his minions?
  • Adventure Areas: Explore new areas like the Wyldwood.
  • Loot: Defeat enemies and complete quests to find all new loot!
  • Opponents: Challenge the goblins and the rock giants.
  • Quests: Balefort Castle now has even more quests and activities!

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      New Features or Changes:

      • New Content: Levels 15-20 players will see and enjoy all new quests, items, and places.
      • Consignment Shoppe: List and purchase the items you really want. Shop smart.
      • Magic Mirror: For the first time, you will be able to customize your face and head.
      • Capture-the-Flag: Epic PvP with all new maps and rule-sets.
      • Avatar Page Customizations: Show the world who you really are.
      • Enhanced Storefront: All three stores have been made into one easy-to-use interface.

      Pocket Legends is already the biggest title by content on the Market today by far, and it starts off strong with an impressive updates. Surely, this must be the beginning of a trend for the game we previewed earlier this week that relies on updates and continued growth to keep us playing. Updates like this one are something we can certainly get used to in the future.


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