Pocket Legends Gold Giveaway! 700,000 in gold prizes up for grabs!

Do you play Pocket Legends? Are you interested in Pocket Legends but haven’t taken the jump yet? Well, here is a possible reward to those who currently play, and some small incentive to get some new people to try it out and get a good head start in terms of gold! Starting today we are giving away, over the next three weeks, over 700,000 gold!

Think this is too good to be true? Its not! Giving away the last of my gold is the only way I can assure myself that I can focus all of my future MMORPG time on Blackstar, which is Spacetime Studios next MMORPG!

Here at we don’t just write about games, we truly do play them. And in doing so, sometimes you amass a small amount of items or gold in a game, and when we aren’t playing that game as much as we used to, we give the small fortunes away! Starting today we will be holding a contest where it is completely luck of the draw. All you need to do to enter for a chance to win, is leave a comment below this article with your in-game user name. You must also tell us one thing you wish Pocket Legends had that it is currently missing. You can come back and post once every 24 hours toward your extra chances to win, but if you post 30 comments in a single day, you will still only get credit for one.

Remember, to qualify, leave a comment below with your in-game username and one feature you would like to see added into the game. Every 7 days we will give away a prize. The prize for the first week is 100,000 gold. The second week is also 100,000 gold, and the final week is 300,000 gold. I know you are thinking, well that only adds up to 500,000 gold, what happened to the rest? Well, the rest will be handed out at random in smaller chunks, about 50k at a time to funny comments left below. Start your comments and good luck!

Lastly, I am not quitting completely so you will still see my character, Varking, running around in his Android costume from time to time, but I never purchase anything on the Auction House so gold isn’t really needed by me.

Bonus: To receive an extra chance to win one of these prizes, like our Facebook page that we just opened! Not only will you have an extra chance to win, you’ll be able to enjoy our articles there as well as talk to us and read our witty comments.

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