Pocketeers Limited launch new open source game engine for mobile called IwGame Engine

Pocketeers Limited have just released a new open source game engine for developers to use to build games. This new engine is cross-platform compatible which will allow developers to build games for iOS, Android, Bada and Blackberry devices.

This new engine, called IwGame Engine, is a mark-up driven game engine that uses an XML based language called XOML. According to Pocketeers Limited, this allows developers to quickly create complex game layouts, front-ends, very complex multi-part key frame animations, actors, scenes, events actions, resources and more.

To help show off this new engine, Pocketeers Limited have also released a bit of a demo game called cOnnecticOns onto the Android Market which is a physic-based puzzle game where you have to figure out the best way to kill all the bugs in each stage. This is easier said then done though as the bugs will evolve and arrange themselves into different configurations.

If you are a developer interested in checking out this new game engine, it is available to download for free which you can do so by hitting up the link below which also contains a big list of the engine’s features. Likewise if you want to check out Pocketeer’s cOnnecticOns game. The full source code for this game will also be available this weekend on, the same site hosting the engine download.

Engine Download and Features: IwGame Engine

Android Market Link: cOnnecticOns

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