PocketMine Minecraft: Pocket Edition server software gets Minecraft Realms style feature

The main software to run your own hosted Minecraft: Pocket Edition server has now got itself a Minecraft Realms feature as well. The great thing about this new feature is that you can actually switch back and forth between PocketMine servers and official Mojng hosted Minecraft Realms servers. Oh and you don’t need to be rooted or anything like that to take advantage of it.

PocketMine Realms is basically like Minecraft Realms in that it will list PocketMine servers for you to connect to. In order to display and connect PocketMine Servers, you’ll need to change a few bits of information but that should take as little as a couple of minutes. Once done you’ll be able to connect to PocketMine servers. Want to switch because you want to join your friend’s official Minecraft Realms server? Just switch the information back and you’re all set.

Right now PocketMine Realms just released 0.2 beta and offers up some nice features including:

– Better list ordering, leaving whitelisted servers at the bottom.
– Broadcast system to send news and information.
– Faster server
– Support for individual server listing and whitelists [testing]

If you’re interested in adding support for PocketMine Servers with your Mincecraft: Pocket Edition, there is a nice step-by-step guide over on the PocketMine Realms website that you can follow. It shouldn’t take you more than five minutes at the most.

As for our servers, we will be setting up a PocketMine server in the next couple of days. We will still get one or two official Minecraft Realms servers as well but for those of you wanting a bigger experience, you will be able to connect to our PocketMine Server much more easily now with the launch of PocketMine Realms. If anyone wants to help out with getting our server up, use the Tip Us form and let us know. You’ll need Linux experience.

Developer Website: PocketMine Realms

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