Pokémon Company and DeNA are working on a new Pokémon mobile game

Pokémon GO Android

DeNA has revealed in a new financial report that a new Pokémon game is coming to mobile, and that they’re working with The Pokémon Company itself to make it happen.

We really wished we knew more about this, but all we know is that something is in the works. If we were to put our money on anything, it would be a gacha RPG.

We don’t know anything about the upcoming Pokémon mobile game, other than it’s in the works

That might sound horrific to many of you (myself included) but it is strange that a property like Pokémon doesn’t have a true gacha RPG.

There are hundreds of Pokémons to collect and the franchise is already well-versed in turn-based combat. It seems like a match made in, well, Hell frankly. But a match nonetheless.

DeNA is responsible for much of Nintendo’s mobile content so far, including Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and the upcoming Mario Kart Tour.

Perhaps this will be the next big Nintendo mobile game after Mario Kart Tour. Hopefully we’ll learn more later this year.

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